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New Generation Volvo B-Badged Powertrain Comparison at Volvo Cars West County Near St. Louis

At Volvo Cars West County, we wish to dispel any confusion as to the new generation of Volvo powertrains comprising Volvo B-Badged Mild Hybrid engineering. In this effort, you'll be wholly briefed on the shift coming to the Volvo Cars line-up going forward near Manchester.

Volvo Mild Hybrid Anticipation Afoot in St. Louis

There's much anticipation in the air given Volvo Cars' mission to divide all sales worldwide evenly between Volvo hybrid and pure-electric vehicles (PHEVs) by a coming date certain. This will effectively phase out the standard T5/T6 powertrains now seen among Volvo fuel-fired models throughout Chesterfield.

So, behold this new generation of Volvo powertrains seen in B5/B6 engineering.

Volvo T-Badged Powertrains v. Volvo B-Badged Powertrains

Volvo Cars remains the tip of spear when it involves progression and innovation. Think of an automaker doing its due diligence in overhauling a fuel-fired line-up in favor of mild-hybrid technology.

So, here's what delineates each Volvo powertrain in concise terms for easy understanding and those benefits therein:


Volvo T-Badged Powertrains

Volvo T5/T6 powertrains have been the mainstay in Volvo fuel-fired models. Standard was the T5 powertrain, which offered turbocharging to the 2L, four-cylinder combustion engine. The T6 Volvo powertrain upgrade at the time enhanced powering with a supercharger, while lending considerable horsepower and generated torque.

Though, with the world gravitating more everyday towards hybrid and electric-powered technology, these Volvo T-badged powertrains are slowly becoming extinct. The new generation, Volvo B-badged powertrains speak of continued Volvo Cars excellence in sustainability and conservation. Rather incredible for an automaker.

Volvo B-Badged Mild Hybrid Powertrains

Considerable is the engineering prowess behind the Volvo B-badged mild hybrid powertrains. And by slowly incorporating this new generation of powertrain in upcoming Volvo luxury SUVs, sedans and wagons, improved is air quality in St. Peters. As well, saved is cash with less fuel spent when commuting or road-tripping.

Here's the designing behind Volvo B5/B6 mild hybrid powertrains:

  • When starting and accelerating, there's much fuel expended to get things rolling.
  • Capturing and storing spent braking energy is a 48-volt battery.
  • During the starting and acceleration processes, the stored energy is then repurposed adding boost to the combustion engine when needed.
  • And, there's never a need of a plugged-in charge. All that's required is the usual amount of braking during your daily travels.

Advantages of Volvo Mild Hybrid Powertrains

The benefits of a Volvo Mild Hybrid powertrain are extensive. They range from sustainable practices within the Volvo luxury SUV, sedan or wagon itself to mitigated cost - be it in servicing procedures usually reserved for fuel-fired models, federal tax credits claimed and a cheaper MSRP than that of Volvo Recharge models.

Servicing and Maintenance Procedures -- Less Frequent, Invasive

Envisage a day when oil change intervals are spaced out considerably, while your Volvo engine endures lessened stress. And with Volvo Mild Hybrid powertrains, fuel is saved overall allowing for more efficient fuel economy. Gained is an environment more pristine.


Electric Vehicle Federal Tax Credits Claimed

When acquiring a Volvo Mild Hybrid model, there's the opportunity to claim federal tax credits worth thousands of dollars. This incentive seeks to entice Missourians to reduce our collective reliance on fossil fuels in deference to the sustainable practice of mild-hybrid technology.

Volvo Mild Hybrid Convenience

Without need of a plugged-in charge as with Volvo Recharge models, a Volvo Mild Hybrid SUV, sedan or wagon comes to the Manchester area as a cheaper, electric alternative. Encased within though is Volvo Cars' excellence throughout.

Volvo Cars West County - The St. Louis Area Spot for Volvo Mild Hybrid Models

For any, all information on Volvo Mild Hybrid technology, visit our local St. Peters area dealership today.

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