What Does Leasing a Car Mean?

Leasing a car is an agreement between a dealership and a customer. The customer will pay a monthly fee for a vehicle determined by how much the vehicle will be worth in the future. Lessees only pay for the amount of a vehicle they will use.  At Volvo Cars West County our team wants to provide our customers with all the lease and finance information available. We have outlined the differences between auto lease and finance deals.

Should I Lease or Finance a car West County Volvo 

Lease vs. Finance Term Comparisons

LengthCan go from two to five years, with most lasting for 36 months.Come with a payment schedule that lasts for five years or more.
WarrantyAlmost always under warranty for the majority of the lease deal. Volvo offers:
  • A 48-month, 50,000 mile basic and powertrain warranty
  • A 36-month, 36,000 mile maintenance warranty
Warranties can expire under longer finance deals.
Down PaymentDon't require the large down payment, but they do call for closing fees due at signing.Require a down payment of 10%-20%.
MileageTypical yearly mileage: 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000Generally come without mileage limits.
PersonalizationExtra mileage or additional protection packages are available.Don't have the same customizable options.
Payment AmountTypically come with lower monthly payments.Depends on the amount of the vehicle you're looking to finance and the APR.
When the Payments EndThere are 3 options:
  • Walk away
  • Trade it in
  • Finance the balance
Either trade the car in and start the finance process all over again, trade it in for a lease agreement or keep it.
Tax Write OffsIt's easier to use a leased vehicle as a tax write-off.It's not possible to write off finance payments, but it is possible to write off the interest on a financed vehicle.

Which Method Is Best For You?

There is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach to leasing or financing a new vehicle. Leasing will work for some, while financing is preferable for others. The team at West County Volvo wants to discuss all available finance and lease options with our customers before making a decision.

Leasing A Car At Our St. Louis Area Volvo Dealership

Leasing a new vehicle doesn't require a loan or co-signer, but it can be trickier to get than a regular auto loan. Lessees need to remember that the risk in a lease deal is placed on the bank, not the driver, so there may be a few additional hoops to jump through. Getting a lease deal can still be in the driver's best interest, even with the additional steps a lease deal may require.

Any driver in the St. Louis area interested in leasing their next vehicle needs to contact the team at our Volvo dealership. Volvo offers unique lease deals for drivers in the St. Louis area to take advantage of. Contact our team through our online contact form or by phone at (877) 557-2352 to learn more about available lease options at our Volvo dealership


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