The ability to drive is an absolute must for people living around the bustling city of St. Louis. Access to a reliable vehicle allows you to easily commute to and from work and run errands on the weekend.

It's no secret that hazards and accidents come along with driving, so in an effort to make St. Louis streets safer for everyone, Volvo's IntelliSafe suite of state-of-the-art safety features are included in many major Volvo models. Volvo's main goal is to keep roads around the world safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

Advanced Volvo Safety Features


Volvo's IntelliSafe safety features support you by simplifying the driving experience. St. Louis area drivers will be comforted in knowing that these revolutionary safety features accompany them in every adventure they take.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
    This feature allows the driver to set a distance between their Volvo and the car ahead of them.
  • 360º camera
    With the 360º camera, you can see all around your vehicle at any angle, which helps out greatly with tight parking spots.
  • Active High Beam
    When your high beams are on, this technology senses other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians to switch them off and back on again.
  • Park Assist Pilot
    Parking is no easy feat so let Park Assist Pilot do the hard work for you. When you pull up to a parking space and activate Park Assist Pilot, the car will maneuver itself into the spot all on its own.
  • Blind Spot Information
    The notorious blind spot won't cause St. Louis drivers any more problems with Blind Spot Information. It will alert you if there are any vehicles in your blind spot when switching lanes.
  • Lane Keeping Aid
    Never veer out of your lane again when Lane Keeping Aid alerts you. This Volvo safety feature will steer you back into your lane with ease.

Volvo City Safety Features


St. Louis is packed with both vehicles and pedestrians, all jammed into a compact area, which can definitely pose some dangerous risks. Volvo's City Safety features help to protect you and anyone in your vehicle's vicinity.

  • Pedestrian detection
    It identifies anyone walking ahead of your vehicle and will even break for you if need be.
  • Cyclists Detection
    Cyclists are a part of city traffic just as much as drivers are. Let Volvo keep an extra eye out for you with cyclist detection. A warning light will appear on the windshield and even break if necessary.
  • Forward Collision Warning
    It detects everything within 500 feet in front of your Volvo. It will even pre-charge the breaks for a hasty stop.

Advanced Volvo Safety Features 


Volvo Cars West County to test-drive a Volvo model with IntelliSafe. St. Louis customers can set up a test drive of any Volvo models by getting in touch with us via phone at (877) 557-2352 or though our online contact form for more information.

The most advanced Volvo safety technologies are available on a lot of Volvo models. We strongly encourage you to check them out. The above mentioned Volvo safety techs can be found on Volvos such as:

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