2017 Volvo XC90 in St. Louis, MO

Tires are the only part of your vehicle that touch the road, and are vital to your car's performance. Healthy tire tread allows your car or SUV to grip the road, helping you maintain control of your vehicle, especially in inclement weather. Rotating your tires is important to keep your tires healthy, and the technicians at Volvo Cars West County in Manchester, MO explain the importance of routine tire rotations below.

Why do my tires wear unevenly?

Factors like tire inflation, road conditions, and everyday driving habits cause your tires to wear unevenly across the tire tread pattern. For example, simply making turns wears your tires disproportionately. Since the U.S. is a right-hand traffic society, the left front wheel travels further than the right front wheel since it's typically on the outermost part of turns.

Why should I have my tires rotated?

Routine tire rotations allow you to get the most from your tires and wheels. As stated before, tires wear unevenly. Rotating them every 8,000 miles or six months will keep any one tire from wearing down faster than the other. This way, every tire can maintain similar thread depth and traction, helping them hug the road better and for longer.

What happens during a tire rotation?

The technician removes the wheel from the vehicle and moves it to the next wheel well in the proper rotation pattern. Rotation patterns are determined by whether your tires are directional, non-directional, or staggered fitments; your vehicle's drivetrain; and the type of spare tire included with your vehicle. Volvo recommends rotating tires front to back on the same side so that wheels rotate in the same direction.

What if I don't get my tires rotated as often as I should?

You're at risk. A tire could blow out, which is really dangerous especially at high speeds. You could also lose control of your vehicle in inclement weather because your tires aren't getting the traction they needs.

Tires wear faster. Tire rotations make your tires last longer, saving the number of tires you have to buy throughout the life of your vehicle-granted that other car issues like improperly aligned parts aren't the cause of your tires wearing unevenly.

You lose money. Since you're buying fewer tires over the life of your vehicle, you have more money in your pockets.

Has it been 8,000 miles or more since your last tire rotation? Schedule service with Volvo Cars West County near St. Louis by calling (877) 557-2352.

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